What You Can Get Here

Everything that makes life simpler, healthier, and happier.

Solutions to Assist You in Feeling the Best, Performing at Your Peak, and Enjoying the Highest Quality of Life Possible.

Mobility Aids

Including wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and etc. , mobility aids benefit the elderly and individuals with limited mobility or injuries, improving their independence, quality of life, and safety.

Daily Living Aids

From magnifying glasses to sock aids, this diverse range of daily living aids is designed to help older adults better navigate the challenges of everyday life, allowing seniors to engage in daily activities with greater autonomy.

Pain Relief & Management

Focusing on providing solutions for managing and alleviating pain, KEKOY offers a variety of products such as hot/cold therapy devices, massage tools, and topical creams. 

Support & Braces

For athletes, individuals in rehabilitation, as well as those dealing with injuries, joint issues, or muscle pain, these support and brace products help alleviate pain, provide stability, and promote the recovery process.

Fitness Equipments

Designed to support physical fitness and exercise routines, fitness equipments like resistance bands cater to individuals looking to build strength, enhance flexibility, or engage in regular physical activity.

Bathroom Aids

For seniors, or those recovering from injuries or surgeries, bathroom safety is of utmost importance. Explore our bathroom aids to have a safer environment while performing essential personal hygiene tasks.

Bedroom Aids

KEKOY provides items such as bed rails and mattress protectors for an accessible bedroom. These aids help create a secure sleeping environment, promoting stability, convenience, and peace of mind. 

Find everything you need to manage and address issues related to urinary or bowel incontinence with dignity and confidence. From adult diapers to underpads, they help maintain hygiene, prevent leaks, and promote comfort.

Here are means to assess your health conveniently at home. These tests are beneficial for individuals seeking to monitor specific health conditions, track progress, or gain insights into their overall well-being. 


Monitors play a crucial role in empowering seniors to actively participate in their healthcare, enabling them to make informed decisions and develop personalized health plans based on real-time data.